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Director of UCiC


Welcome to UCiC! 

Shalom!  I welcome you on behalf of the UCiC community.  UCiC is a ministry of the Community Church of Seattle and a non-profit independent school where high expectations of students and faculty are realized in a caring environment that instills a sense of belonging and supports an individual student’s growth and exploration.  We have built a strong community where our guiding principles of honoring God, respecting and loving others, embracing responsibility, encouragement, and integrity all converge to form the foundation of daily life. UCiC is a wonderful place for students, from diverse backgrounds to grow educationally, get involved, and have a meaningful school experience.  We have an excellent staff of teachers and administrators who are dedicated to Christian education and a supportive and positive environment where all students are encouraged and given the attention necessary to achieve individual aspirations, as we meet individual needs. I invite you to come and visit our campus located in a beautiful city, Bothell, Washington and I am confident you will see UCiC as the best educational choice for you and your family.  



Dr. Pi

Head of

UCiC School & Learning Center

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