Home of the Eagles



Sooyeon Kim

Art Teacher

Mrs. Sooyeon Kim is our UCiC Art Instructor and she studied at Bob Jones University and the Art Institute of Seattle. She brings with her a love and passion for students to express themselves through the creative, God-given process of art in its many forms!  Soo’s favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”  Mrs. Kim loves UCiC because she believes God has called her here to teach and that her love for children, art and the relationships she builds with staff, parents and students make UCiC a beautiful place to be.  We love Soo for how she empowers her students to create beyond what they thought possible and for the love, passion, integrity and excellence she brings to our art program and our UCiC campus!

Audrey Oh

Music Instructor

Mrs. Oh leads our choral and instrumental music programs here at UCiC.  Our musicals are powerful, expressive, and technically strong and she works with a team of expert drama coaches who also bring out the gifts and talents of our young performers powerfully and effectively.  


Paul Yoo

Fitness Instructor

P.E. is an important class at UCiC and Paul Yoo is going to lead our students with excellence, creativity and passion. Paul will lead our students on mile long runs and teach them positions for team sports and games and develop a love and a commitment within students to take care of themselves and to choose a healthy lifestyle. We love Paul’s faithfulness and commitment to our students, as he brings out the best in them and prepares them to be strong, resilient and healthy for all our students desire to pursue in life.


Gregg Vaughn

Computer Teacher

Mr. Gregg will be leading our students' in computer class this year. Our students' will learn to master important skills for their future school and career needs as they progress through different levels and tasks.