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Ms.Vereide's Classroom Page


Ms. Heather Vereide

Kindergarten C

We are so excited to have Ms. Vereide here with us at UCiC for her third year! There is no doubt that her classroom will be that of learning and loads of fun!

Welcome to My Page! 

My name is Heather Vereide, and I am thrilled to be teaching Kindergarten at UCiC this year! Previously, I have worked in the Lake Washington School District, teaching 3rd grade for two years, and most recently working students with autism and other special needs. I graduated from Northwest University with my bachelors in Elementary Education.


Throughout the year, I mentor 7th and 8th graders at Redmond Middle School through an organization called Wyldlife (Young Life). When I’m not teaching or spending time with my Wyldlife students, you can find me hiking, practicing my piano skills, or searching for the best doughnuts in town (so far, Top Pot is in the lead). 

Before you come, there are a few things that you need to know.

  1. SNACKS.  Students will need to bring their own morning snacks.  Please bring healthy (fruits, vegetables, yogurt), non-allergenic (no nuts please), and easy to clean snacks.

  2. TAKE-HOME FOLDERS. Your child’s Take-Home Folder should be kept in his or her backpack and will be an important means of communication between our classroom and home. Please check your child’s Take-Home Folder every day for worksheets, newsletters, and etc.


I am excited to embark on this learning adventure with your students! It will be a fun, challenging, and rewarding year of growth!


Ms. Vereide